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A few things make our prenatal supplement *the best* on the market. 

1. Formulation: We worked with an industry-leading formulator to create robust, meet-all-your-needs supplements for each stage of pregnancy & pre-pregnancy. 

2. Ingredient Quality & Bioavailability: We use the highest quality ingredients in their most bioavailable forms so that you & baby actually absorb the beautiful nutrients you are taking each day. 

3. 3rd-Party Testing: We go above and beyond the requirements of the FDA by 3rd-party testing our supplements to ensure quality and safety. If your prenatal supplements are NOT being 3rd-party tested, discontinue use immediately

4. Made the USA: All of our products are manufactured at a cGMP- & NSF -certified manufacturing facility in the USA using globally-sourced ingredients. Whenever possible, we use ingredients that are also made in the USA. 

5. Pro-Life: We have we are passionate about supporting the pro-life movement. We donate 10% of every purchase directly to pregnancy care centers in the United States that are helping mamas in need make the decision to choose life. 

Certainly! We take thorough measures to ensure the quality and purity of our products. All of the ingredients we use are tested by our suppliers, and they are tested again when they are delivered. Additionally, when a new batch of our product is produced, it is sent to a third-party laboratory for comprehensive testing to confirm its high standards of quality and purity.

Although the FDA provides oversight to the supplement market, they do not grant approvals for finished supplements in the same way as they do for pharmaceuticals. Consequently, it is best to purchase supplements exclusively from trusted brands that produce them in cGMP facilities and subject them to third-party testing. This ensures both the quality and potency of the supplements you choose to take.

Growing a human is an amazing miracle that takes a lot from a mama. Not only do you need to meet your own nutrient needs, but you also need to give your baby the nutrients they need to grow and develop. While a healthy diet is key, it is very hard to get all the nutrients that you and your baby need from diet alone. Prenatal vitamins help to fill in those gaps that diet alone isn’t meeting.

A word from an OB/GYN - “We advise that every woman in childbearing age takes a daily prenatal vitamin—even if she isn’t planning to become pregnant.” - Dr. Kirk Lammi, DO, FACOOG

We always recommend consulting your medical professional, but, if there is a *chance* you could get pregnant, you should be on a prenatal vitamin. Why? Well, Doctors recommend that you’re on a prenatal for AT LEAST 3 months before you get pregnant.  One of the main reasons for this is that folate plays a significant role in the development of the neural tubes of your baby, and much of that development happens before you even know you are pregnant. 

We have formulated our Wholesome Prenatal with 23 nutrients that are essential for both mama and baby. While we try not to play favorites, some of the most important ones are Folate, Vitamin D, Choline, Iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin K2, and Selenium. (Many prenatals on the market don’t contain all of these, which is shocking, because they are ESSENTIAL.)

Some key ingredients that you won’t find in most other Prenatal supplements are Folate (instead of folic acid), an adequate dose of choline (we’ve included 320mg), selenium, vitamin K2, and iodine. Each of these ingredients is essential for mama’s health and baby’s development and should NOT be left out.

Iron needs vary from trimester to trimester, and from one mama to another. Some mamas get test results from their medical provider telling them they need to increase their iron levels, and others have sufficient levels throughout their entire pregnancy. For that reason, we have created a Wholesome Iron product that supports iron intake for mamas who need it. We recommend asking your doctor or midwife exactly how much iron supplementation YOU need at each stage of conception, pregnancy, and postpartum.

While both products contain the same 23 ingredients, our Wholesome Prenatal has additional amounts of several ingredients needed for baby’s development. 

Our Wholesome Prenatal does contain Vitamin B6, which can provide some relief, but we recommend our Good Morning Mama supplement, which has 5x the amount of B6 plus a healthy dose of organic ginger powder. Ginger & B6 have become known as the “dream team” when it comes to kicking typical morning sickness to the curb.

It happens. No need to double up! You can just pick up where you left off!

Our Wholesome Prenatal is vegetarian, and free of major allergens. 

✓ Vegetarian

✓ Gluten-Free

✓ Sugar-Free

✓ Nut-Free

✓ Soy-Free

✓ Dairy-Free

✓ Egg-Free

✓ No Shellfish 

✓ No Fish 

Plus, we don’t use Sulfates, Artificial Flavors, Preservatives, Synthetic Dyes, or Artificial Colors.

Omega-3s, specifically DHA and EPA, are very important during pregnancy. We have formulated our Wholesome Omega-3 product to have 500mg of DHA and 100mg of EPA per serving. We recommend bundling that with your Wholesome Prenatal purchase for additional *essential* prenatal nutrients.

After you deliver, we recommend moving over to our Wholesome Postnatal for additional postpartum needs, but feel free to finish what’s left of your Wholesome Prenatal first! They have the same 23 ingredients!

Yes, we formulated our Wholesome Prenatal to give you the nutrients you need before and during pregnancy.

We offer a 14-day no questions asked return window. Just send us an e-mail at, and we will make it right.