Have you noticed that the world has gone a little (a lot) crazy?

Yep, me too.

So, I *get it* – I know why you're here.

You are overwhelmed by all the options out there

& maybe even a tiny bit confused.

You're wondering…

"Who can I trust?"

I hear you & I’m here to help. 

I'm Christin.

& the cutie with the beard is my husband Jacob.

Together we provide

wholesome supplements

for women just like you, who want to nourish their bodies with *research-backed* ingredients, but also don’t want to support the crazy.

Here's why you can trust me

01. I’m a researcher & math/science girl


My favorite subject in school was chemistry, & I even majored in Nursing as a freshman in college. I loved babies & wanted to work in the NICU, but soon realized I was *way too* sensitive for that field. So then I decided I’d become an accountant, got my business degree, & somehow became a photographer. When I realized I wanted to be a mom & not work 50 hour weeks, we researched our faces off & started dreaming of We Heart Nutrition.

Allllllll that to say, as we formulated these supplements, we based EVERYTHING on the available research.

I mean it when I say that I *deeply* care about the numbers. 

02. I’ve got a few feathers in my cap

Actually, I have exactly 4 feathers in my cap & I call them Lilah, Sadie, Jay & Brooks. As a mama of 4 – being pregnant 4 times, giving birth 4 times, & living the postpartum life 4 times – I’ve had many experiences & understand many of the joys & difficulties you may be experiencing.

03. It runs in the family

My sweet, sweet Father-In-Law (Dad to 3 boys & now Grampa to 6 babies!) has been in the supplement world since 1996, so we’ve been incredibly blessed to be connected with *the best* scientists, formulators & manufacturers in the industry.

(Seriously though, when we tell "industry-folk" who formulated our products, they act like we just said that Steve Carell is our uncle. He's a pretty big deal I guess.)

04. Perfectionist? Hi. It’s me.

Flaw or virtue?

It definitely can be both… but I am a *perfectionist* to the core.

When we were formulating our products, I annoyed my husband & the formulator to NO END, ensuring every single number was *perfect*.

When we were creating our logo, I annoyed my husband & the designer to NO END, ensuring there were precisely 6 leaves to represent our little family of 6.

When we were choosing packaging I annoyed my husband & the manufacturer to NO END, ensuring the boxes were absolutely beautiful.

This perfectionist believes that every single detail matters because, as Allie Beth would say - PEOPLE MATTER.

05. Doing what's right, no matter the cost

It seems our country has misplaced (or perhaps willingly forfeited) its moral compass.

There is no right, there is no wrong. There’s just “You Do You”.

Well, we believe there *is* right & wrong, & we seek to do what is right ALWAYS.

That means you can TRUST what we do with our products & profits.

Even behind the scenes...

Even when no one is looking.

can i tell you a quick(ish) story?

A Pro-Life Prenatal

It was actually his idea. When Jacob came to me with the concept of a "pro-life" line of supplements, nothing felt more perfect to this baby-loving mama. But, there are so many supplements already on the market,

so we knew that we had to do something different.

We had to use the best quality ingredients. We had to have the perfect doses of each ingredient. It had to be beautifully branded & packaged. It had to have a purpose, & we had to support life, no matter how tiny.

One Pill a Day wasn't enough

Before I got pregnant with our first baby, I remember my sister, a registered nurse, telling me that women should be on a prenatal for 3 MONTHS before they get pregnant. (Who knew?)

So, I went to the drugstore & picked a random prenatal with pretty packaging that only required one daily pill. I had no idea that everything baby & I needed couldn't fit in one pill.

Three Gummies a Day Wasn't Enough

Then, when I was pregnant (& extremely nauseous), I switched over to a gummy vitamin, assuming that all prenatals had the same amounts & quality of ingredients.

(Spoiler alert: They don't.)

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my 4th baby & under the care of a midwife, that she shared with me that there was actually a huge difference between prenatal supplements, how much of each ingredient they contained, & the QUALITY of those ingredients.

So, we set out to create something new - something different.

We worked with an industry-leading formulator to create what we believe are the *perfect* supplements.

But, we didn't just want to sell a great product. We wanted to do it with integrity & joy, supporting life, & giving back.

Now we do just that. We sell supplements, but we also support life both in & out of the womb by giving 10% of our sales back to pregnancy care centers.

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from our family to yours