Discovering the Compassion & Care of Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center

The butterflies left my stomach by the time we were on the road to the airport. We haven’t really left our kids overnight, but we needed to make a quick trip to good ‘ole Dallas, Texas for a few We Heart Nutrition meetings. So, we hopped on a flight and hoped our kids would have too much fun with Grammie to notice we were gone. 

We got to go on a dinner date, “sleep in” until 7am (!!!), and have coffee uninterrupted. Just over here living the dream. We then started our day of meetings, touring our amazing manufacturing facility, visiting our fulfillment center, and eventually driving up to Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center.

Though I was the most excited about this final meeting, I was strangely the most nervous. To be honest, I had only stepped foot into a pregnancy center once before, so I didn’t know what to expect. As we opened the glass doors to enter the building, I was pleasantly surprised as we were greeted by a lovely, homey room filled with sweet women, relaxing on plush chairs. Behind the front desk were 3 sparkling smiles that welcomed us, offered us water, and invited us to sit as we waited for our meeting. 

A few minutes later we were welcomed back to the director’s office, where we met the beautiful Leanne Jamieson, and had the privilege of learning about Prestonwood’s story. We heard about how they started this ministry, the heart behind what they do, and the wonderful moms & dads they serve. 

Founded in 1991 as a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church, the Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center has grown to become one of the nation's largest pregnancy care centers. Their dedication to fostering a safe and nurturing environment, coupled with their commitment to compassionate care, has earned them a sterling reputation that resonates far beyond their community.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center is that they offer their services free of charge, without requiring insurance. This incredible commitment to accessibility ensures that no woman in need is turned away due to financial constraints. By removing this barrier, Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center empowers women from all walks of life to access the support they deserve.

Central to their mission is the provision of comprehensive services that cater to every aspect of a woman's journey through pregnancy. At the heart of their offering is their top-notch medical care. With a team of expert Registered Nurse Sonographers and licensed medical doctors, Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center performs over 24,000 ultrasounds annually. This vital service allows women to witness the miracle of life and make informed decisions about their future.

However, the care doesn't stop there. Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center understands that an unplanned pregnancy can bring forth a wave of emotions and uncertainties. That's why their team of skilled professionals provides heartfelt counseling, offering empathetic and unbiased guidance. They walk alongside women, helping them explore their options and find strength in their choices.

In addition to emotional support, the center recognizes the practical challenges that come with pregnancy. To alleviate the burdens of motherhood, Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center provides practical support in the form of maternity clothes, baby necessities, and more. By addressing these everyday needs, they empower women to embrace their new role with confidence and peace of mind.

Through comprehensive educational programs and resources, they offer empowering education that covers everything from prenatal care to successful parenting strategies. By arming women with information and resources, they lay a solid foundation for a bright future.

What truly sets Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center apart is their ability to connect the dots within the community. With their strong network of partnerships, they can refer clients to additional support services, including healthcare, housing, and childcare. This holistic approach ensures that families receive comprehensive assistance and have the tools they need to build a secure and stable future for themselves and their children.

As we hung on every word Leanne shared, she eventually stopped and said, “How did YOU hear about us? And why do you want to support OUR center?” A genuine question, since we don’t live in Dallas and she’d never heard of us or our business.

Jacob explained that early on in the “dreaming phase” of this business, we knew we wanted to do something different. We wanted to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. We wanted to commit to giving 10% of sales to pregnancy centers like Prestonwood. So, we prayed and researched, and decided that Prestonwood would be the recipient of the first $10,000 raised.

I jumped in and said, “I know that may not seem like much. I’m sure you have a lot of needs…” Leanne's smile stopped me right there. She said, “We *always* have needs. Everyone loves buying baby clothes or a crib, but not so many people want to pay a nurse’s salary.”

Wow. I will never forget that moment.

These centers do so much and they truly do *need* support. And we recognize the incredible work Prestonwood is doing in their community and their unwavering dedication to helping men, women, & babies. 

In a world that often feels overwhelming, it's beautiful to know that organizations like Prestonwood Pregnancy Care Center exist to provide a beacon of hope and support. Nestled in the vibrant Greater Dallas Fort Worth area, this remarkable center has been extending a helping hand to women (and now men!) for over three decades, empowering them to make informed decisions and embrace their journey with confidence. They are there to guide, uplift, and empower women, embracing each individual with kindness, empathy, and a gentle touch. 

Together, we can create a world where every woman feels empowered and supported on her journey to motherhood.

If you want to learn more about Prestonwood, visit their site here.

I *highly* recommend watching the interview Leanne did with Allie Beth Stuckey recently. Watch it here

Donate to Prestonwood's Baby Registry here

Finally, if you have supplement needs, 10% of every sale goes to pregnancy care centers just like Prestonwood. Shop here

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