Vitamins After Baby: What You *Actually* Need Post-Delivery

Congratulations on your precious bundle of joy! 🎉 

Between the sleepless nights & endless cuddles, it's easy to forget (or maybe it’s not) that your body just achieved something extraordinary. Just as it needed nourishment during pregnancy, it requires lots of extra love during postpartum recovery. 

Here's some science-y stuff & motherly advice from me, Christin, on the essential nutrients you need to lovingly encourage your body to heal (& also provide some extra nutrients to your baby through your breastmilk).

When we were dreaming up our line of multi-vitamins, my husband actually was the one who really pushed for a specific Postnatal Supplement. I figured women could just take their Prenatal & call it a day. 

But, he had done research, & spoken to the industry’s leading scientists, & all of the advice he found agreed

Postpartum Mama’s need even *more* support from their supplements. 

Here’s what you need postpartum & why...

IRON - Blood loss during childbirth, especially if you had a C-section or experienced complications, might leave your iron stores a tad depleted. Iron helps prevent postpartum anemia, ensuring you have the energy to deal with your little one's nocturnal serenades.

We’ve got a lovely Wholesome Iron that is completely customizable to your iron needs postpartum. Most women need 10-30mg of iron postpartum, so our 13.5mg capsules are perfectly customizable. We recommend taking 2 per day for 3 months postpartum, but be sure to check with your OB or Midwife. Speaking of midwives, read what Tiffany, of Beautiful One Midwifery said about our Iron Supplement…

"Not all iron supplements are created equal! This form of iron is not only active and more available for assimilation, but also least likely to cause stomach upset or constipation. An important aspect of good supplementation is that it works, and won't cause additional unwanted symptoms." - Tiffany Alblinger, LM CPM


PROTEIN - Think of protein as your post-baby building block. It supports muscle recovery & tissue repair. Plus, if you've got a "stitch or two," protein helps with wound healing. I KNOW it’s hard to be intentional about what YOU eat when you’re so focused on baby, so communicate with your support system & ask for HELP. My mama made me protein balls postpartum & would just walk up while I was nursing & stick one in my mouth. LOL. She’s the best.

My fave protein balls recipe (that also help with milk production)... 
1 C Rolled Oats
½ C Chocolate Chips
½ C Ground Flaxseed Meal
½ C Peanut Butter (Crunchy or Smooth)
⅓ C Honey or Maple Syrup (I like maple)
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
**Combine ingredients, form into 1” balls, freeze for 1 hour, ENJOY! 


OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS (especially DHA) - You’ve heard of "baby brain", right? DHA, found in fish oil, is fantastic for cognitive function & mood. Postpartum mood shifts are real, & while DHA isn’t a miracle cure, it can help support brain health. 

  Our Wholesome Omega-3 has 500mg of DHA & 100mg of EPA per serving… 

PLUS, NO fishy smell or taste & this product has THE MOST 5 star reviews of any of our products!

“Best I’ve Tried! - I have heard from a few different doctors how beneficial Omega-3 is so I have tried a handful over the years. This omega-3 is super small and easy to take and has NO FISHY taste!!! Such a win! It also comes in a beautiful bottle.” - A Happy Customer


VITAMIN D - This one is crucial postpartum as it supports bone health for both mama & baby, while also aiding in immune function & reducing the risk of postpartum depression. 

Our Wholesome Postnatal is unique because it contains 6,400 IU of Vitamin D. Remember those pesky Vitamin D drops they tell you to give baby? 

According to La Leche League International, breastfeeding mothers who have adequate amounts of vitamin D in their bodies can successfully provide enough vitamin D for their nursing children through breastmilk. 

Research shows that high dose maternal vitamin D supplementation (4000-6400 IU/day) can enrich breastmilk adequately for infants.xi One study suggested that maternal supplementation alone may improve vitamin D intake of the nursing infant in an environment where infant supplementation rate is low. As always, talk to your provider about this. 


IODINE - Essential for proper thyroid function, which in turn impacts metabolism & energy regulation during the demanding postpartum period.

There are so many essential nutrients in Our Wholesome Postnatal supplements, but these were specifically highlighted by midwife, Kelly Pappas, as super duper important…

"For use during a season that all-too-often leaves mom low on the list of priorities, this multi is a lovely choice for new mamas. The boost in Vitamin D and Iodine are especially important for thyroid and mood health during the postpartum period." - Kelly Pappas, LM, CPM


FIBER - Let's just say things in the 'digestive department' can get a little...sluggish post-delivery. Fiber is your gentle nudge to keep things moving along & prevent constipation. Those protein balls will help, but I also loved oatmeal in the morning, & working in beans & berries & avocado.

WATER - Okay, technically not a nutrient, but hydration is crucial, especially if you're breastfeeding. Think of water as your body's in-house delivery service, transporting all these essential nutrients where they need to go. I had at least 3 huge glasses of ice water placed around my home when I was breastfeeding because I would 

Post-baby, you're not just a parent; you're a superhero in pajamas. As you take care of your newest little lovebug, don't forget that your body just did some amazing work & as much as baby needs care, so do you! 

Feed your body with love, patience, & these essential nutrients, & it will thank you tenfold. 

Have a joy-filled day, sweet mama! 🍼🥦🍗🍊🐟🥛🤱🏻😊

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