The Science Behind Our Prenatal Vitamins

Does your prenatal pass the test?

Ours does, because it’s *the best* on the market.

Let me explain… 

BUT FIRST, congratulations on your pregnancy! This is an exciting & terrifying & fun & confusing phase, & ensuring you receive the right nutrients becomes vital for both you & your baby.

While most prenatal vitamins may seem like they're cut from the same cloth, let's shed light on whether your current prenatal passes the test, and why our Wholesome Prenatal is probably a step above.

1. Is your prenatal a single capsule?

  • If no, move to the next question.

  • If yes, you have to read this:

Here's a little secret — you can't get ALL your daily needs met in 1 capsule.


That's why one-pill-per-day prenatals skimp out on some *super important* ingredients.

Check this out…

The leading Single-Capsule prenatal doesn’t pass the test… 

❌ Zero Choline, known as the "Brain Builder" 
❌ Contains Folic Acid - body must convert to 5-MTHF (which isn’t even possible for 30% of women)
❌ Uses inferior forms of zinc & magnesium 
❌Contains gelatin & yellow beeswax 

2. Is your prenatal a gummy?

  • If no, move to the next question.

  • If yes, I’ve got some interesting comparisons for you…

    The leading Gummy prenatal doesn’t pass the test because…

    ❌ It contains 7 grams of added sugar (vs ours with 0 sugar)

    ❌ It has ZERO Calcium, an essential for baby’s bones & teeth (vs ours which has 200mg of Calcium)

    ❌ NO Copper, NO Manganese, NO Chromium (vs ours, which contains chelated versions of these)

    ❌ Has only 2% daily value of Choline (vs ours which contains an UNPRECEDENTED 320mg!)


    3. Does your prenatal use the optimal form of each ingredient?

    • Bioavailability: Our vitamins use forms of minerals & nutrients that are effortlessly absorbed by the body. For instance, our folic acid is in the form of 5-MTHF, the most bioavailable version so you can ACTUALLY absorb it.

      4. Does your prenatal contain unnecessary fillers?

      • We shun artificial colors, fillers, & preservatives, making sure you intake only the beneficial stuff.

        5. Does your prenatal contain Choline?

        • Known as the brain builder, most prenatals completely leave this one out! We’ve included 320mg of Choline, making our prenatal the best of the best.

          6. Does your prenatal have a comprehensive nutrient profile?

          • Not sure what that even means? Most prenatals just put in a small amount of the cheapest ingredients… Listen to what a licensed midwife said about our formula…

          "No detail was left out of this important combo- active forms of folate, functional vitamin D dosing with its cofactor K2, and bioavailable mineral sources…
          This prenatal covers so many bases that others miss completely."
          - Kelly Pappas, LM, CPM

          7. Is your prenatal 3rd-party tested?

          • Did you know that the FDA does NOT regulate supplements & someone can literally make them in their basement?? Quality Assurance: We believe in transparency & every batch undergoes (EXPENSIVE) third-party testing to certify our vitamins are pure & potent.

            8. Was your prenatal formulated by scientists?

            • Our blend is the brainchild of formulators & scientists, based 100% on the most current scientific research, & tailored for pregnant women's unique needs.

              9. Most importantly, is your prenatal PRO-LIFE?

              • We Heart Nutrition is joyfully & LOUDLY Pro-Mama, Pro-Baby, & Pro-Life… This belief isn’t just in words but in action. We give back 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centers, supporting mothers & babies in need. This ensures that every purchase you make with us is also an investment in the lives of others.

              Did your prenatal pass the test?

              While several prenatal vitamins touch the basics, ours is crafted with both care & science. Think of it as rolling out the red carpet for your baby's first 'residence.' Here's to nourishing both of you during this special journey. 


              For complete pregnancy nutrition we recommend adding our Omega-3 DHA & Iron supplements into your routine. We KNOW it's a lot... but you & your baby are WORTH IT.  Bundle them all together & save

              Please let us know if we missed ANY questions you have! 

              Blessings for a healthy & joyful pregnancy! 🤰🌿🌍🔬🎈💖🌼

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