Hey there,

I'm Christin, a busy mama of 4 little ones.

Over the years, I've learned that making some small adjustments in my life had a BIG impact.

Here are a few things I'm committing to do every day to make 2024 my healthiest, most joyful year yet

Early Bedtime

Seriously, I'm talking 8:30pm. When I get a good rest, my life is SO MUCH better. Sleep promotes hormonal balance, mental well-being, & overall health. Oh, & no phones in bed.


I've always hated taking pills, but when I got pregnant with my first baby I started taking prenatals & WOW, what a difference. Now, pregnant or not, daily vitamins are a MUST for my energy levels.

Outdoor Walks

Walking every day is *crucial* for my well-being, helping to maintain physical health & boost my energy levels. Even more important, though, is how the fresh air clears my mind and reduces my stress.

My absolute FAVORITE,

thoughtfully formulated vitamins,

specifically for women.

No Artificial Flavors

No Added Preservatives

3rd-Party Tested

NSF & cGMP Certified





Supplements that have everything you need... & nothing you don't.

When you’re happy, we’re happy.

We know you’re going to love our supplements, but if you don’t, say "hello" to our Happy Heart guarantee – love your products, or return them within 60 days of delivery - no questions asked.

Most vitamin companies don't come close to our 60 Day return policy, but we’re up for taking that chance if it means you’ll give our supplements a try & get your body the nutrients it needs.

Here's a little secret you probably can't get ALL your daily needs met in 1 capsule.

A single capsule only has so much room.

That's why one-pill-per-day multivitamins skimp out on some *super important* ingredients.

Check this out...

Leading single tablet women's vitamin

Zero Choline, known as the "Brain Builder" ❌
Contains Folic Acid - body must convert to 5-MTHF ❌
Uses inferior forms of zinc & magnesium ❌
Contains gelatin & yellow beeswax ❌

Leading gummy multivitamin

❌ Contains 7 grams of added sugar
❌ ZERO Calcium, an essential for bones & teeth
❌ NO Copper, NO Manganese, NO Chromium
❌ Has only 2% daily value of Choline

So we took a different approach...

Our Wholesome Vitamins

Chelated minerals for best potential absorption ✅
Contains often left-out, Choline ✅
Best of the best, name-brand ingredients ✅
NO sugar, NO preservatives, NO weird stuff ✅

A little more about us

I’m Christin & the cutie with the beard is my husband Jacob.

Together we started a beautiful line of supplements for mamas just like you, who want to nourish their bodies (& their babies' bodies!) with *research-backed* ingredients.

At We Heart Nutrition, we're out to bring wholesome back.

That means, we've worked with the industry's *best scientists* to create the perfect prenatal vitamins for you & your precious little one.

Our story

Supporting Pregnancy Centers $10,000 at a time...

As supporters of life both in & out of the womb, we are passionate about supporting pregnancy care centers.

We partner with one center at a time & we donate 10% of every sale to them until we raise $10,000.

Learn More about our current partnership